The Bridge – Customizable Greek and Latin Vocabulary Lists

The Bridge creates a custom vocabulary list by comparing the words that you (or your students) know to the words in a text that you want to read.

  1. Select what Greek or Latin text(s) or textbook(s) you’ve read (meaning that you know the vocabulary from them). Partial works can be specified, e.g. Wheelock, chapters 1-20.
  2. Select the text(s) that you want to read. Again, partial works can be chosen, e.g. Aeneid 4.
The Bridge - Choosing texts
The Bridge – Choosing texts

For example, If you know all of the vocabulary from Keller and Russell’s Learn to Read Latin and want to read Nepos’ Life of Hannibal, The Bridge tells you that you will need to learn 489 new words. Students who have been through Shelmerdine’s Introduction to Latin will learn 472 new words from the Nepos; those who have been through the whole Cambridge Latin Course, only 365.

Screen shot of vocabulary list and filtering/export options
The Bridge – Vocabulary list

Other features:

  • Use the Dickinson Classics Greek or Latin Core vocabulary as either the known or target vocabulary.
  • Omit things like proper nouns/adjectives, idioms, numbers, regularly formed adverbs from the list.
  • Filter list by part of speech
  • List can be exported in printable form, as an Excel file, or as a tab-delimited (TSV) file (this last is often what you will need to add the list to flashcard application or database).

Selection of texts is not terribly large yet (esp. for Greek), but I think this is a great tool.

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