Logeion – Greek and Latin dictionaries


Greek – LSJ, Middle Liddell, Autenrieth’s Homeric Lexicon, Slater’s Lexicon to Pindar

Greek can be entered as Unicode Greek; you need not (but may) include diacritics. You can also use transliteration, so that entering at least “mhn” will suggest “μῆνις” [edited to reflect Helma Dik’s helpful comment].

Latin – Lewis and Short, Lewis’s Elementary Latin Dictionary, Frieze-Dennison Vergil, etc.

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Keyman – Ancient Greek input for iOS

Free version (iOS App Store link) functions like a special notepad. You can type ancient (polytonic) Greek within the Keyman app and then export the result to another app. Keyman actually supports many other languages.

Pro version (iOS App Store link; $4.99 as of 2015-11-19) works as a system keyboard and can be used directly in any app.

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Archimedes/Pollux – Greek and Latin dictionaries


Greek – LSJ (also Autenrieth’s Homeric Lexicon, experimentally)

Note that you must enter your search terms for Greek in BetaCode (manual here), but you can (and should, for most purposes) choose to have the output in Unicode.

Latin – Lewis and Short

Other dictionaries available for Arabic, Sumerian, etc.

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