Harvard software

Harvard provides certain software for use by affiliates, including students. You will need to log in with your ID number and PIN and agree to the terms of use.

Some of the software is distributed online from the website http://downloads.fas.harvard.edu/download

Some applications (e.g. EndNote) can only be run by a limited number of users at one time. This is managed by a piece if software called KeyAccess Client, which can be downloaded from the same site and must be installed first. For such apps to work, you must be connected to Harvard’s network (either at an IP address beginning with 140.247 or via VPN, a VPN client is also available at the download site)

Other software (notably Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.] and Adobe Creative Suite products [Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, etc.]) is available only to faculty and staff and is installed via LanDesk or Casper. You can arrange this by phoning HUIT at 5-7777 or e-mailing ithelp@harvard.edu.

Note that computers that are provided to faculty and staff under the FAS Refresh program will already have Microsoft Office and some other common software installed.

For more information, visit http://huit.harvard.edu/services/campus-licensed-software