Scanning of text is best done on one of the two Ricoh multifunction copiers in the Department.

The default setting is black and white, but you can also scan in color.

The default file type is PDF, but you can also select different types (TIFF and JPEG).

The default resolution is 300 dpi, but this can be changed. Note that increasing the resolution will increase the file size.

Scans are normally e-mailed to yourself from the copier (the sender will appear in your mail as Department members should see their email addresses in the copier’s address book.  If your email address has not been entered, you can enter it manually and save it, but it will not appear alphabetized correctly until Alyson intervenes.

Note that very large jobs may need to be broken down into smaller chunks due to limits on e-mail attachment size.


As noted above, the multifunction copiers can scan in color and so should be adequate for scanning of images for many purposes.

High-quality image scanning (for publication or archival purposes) may be done on the giant scanner in Boylston 212, but please do not try to use it without first talking to Tony Shannon, who can teach you how to use its special software.

There is also a smaller Canon desktop scanner in Boylston 212. All the lab computers should have the necessary driver/software and so the scanner can be moved to any one of them.